Imagine fully liberating your true inner & outer beauty .... with a simple makeover!

Silvica's Image Before a Simply Feminine Makeover

When it came to my outer image, I struggled with selecting the right pieces /colors /styles that accurately reflected who I was on the inside.

And then I met Morgan.

In one session with her, I learned how to select the right colors for me—colors that would be congruent with my personality and skin tone. 

Silvica's Transformation After a Simply Feminine Makeover

I also learned makeup tips and how to better style my hair by adding bangs. Best of all, I learned how to get all the exterior aspects to match the confidence and character of my inside as well as bring out my natural femininity.

Getting ready for events is so much easier now! And, as a mental performance coach, I can feel the difference that the internal/external congruence has on myself and my clients.

Thank you Morgan!

Dr. Marlyn's Image Before a Simply Feminine Makeover

Even after hiring a “professional” image consultant who I paid thousands of dollars to a few years back, I had a closet overflowing with clothes I never felt comfortable wearing.

And as it turns out…for good reason. Intuitively I knew the colors and styles did little or nothing to enhance my image or bring out my best. Neither the colors nor the styles were flattering, enhancing or feminine. Lots of black, and lots of pants. And not much else!

Dr. Marlyn's Transformation After a Simply Feminine Makeover

Enter Morgan Wonderly…and my entire perspective and outlook on femininity, namely presenting my beautiful feminine shape and personality, changed completely. After discarding the clothes that were aging me, she selected the most flattering and enhancing colors, fabrics, styles and make-up, for my figure and coloring.

I look twenty years younger! I truly feel like a new feminine woman, reveling in this new understanding of what true femininity means…and it is anything but the weakness I was duped into believing for far too many decades! It is a real joy to now experience men and women’s eyes lighting up when I enter into a room. Wow, what a feeling!

Thank you so much Morgan for your incredibly masterful and artistic eye and flair when it comes to transforming the old dowdy me into the new shapely feminine woman that I have spent much of my life hiding! No more hiding for this woman!

Rucel's Image Before a Simply Feminine Makeover

Before I met Morgan, I felt like a kid sister that everyone wanted to take care of in my professional career.

I felt as if the people around me didn't take me seriously or find me credible.
Even with my wealth of experience, my image was incongruent because it was undermining who I am.

So, I felt patronized, constantly feeling I needed to prove my worth.

Rucel's Transformation After a Simply Feminine Makeover

After working with Morgan, I learned that the colors that I was wearing were washing me out and putting off a vibe that was incongruent with who I am.

I have experienced a significant improvement in how people listen and respond to me, even when in a circle of highly influential people! She showed me which colors and styles to wear that aligned with who I am so that my image expresses an energy of competency, trust, congruency, wealth and prestige.

Since working with Morgan, new opportunities are appearing in my life to speak and be heard by my ideal audience!

My Own Personal Story

Growing up, I felt like a "Plain Jane"; a "wall flower". I was thin as a rail, pale skinned and wore thick glasses. On top of that, I was painfully shy and insecure. I felt invisible, unheard, and small. I felt insignificant and unworthy. I was depressed. 

Then to add insult to injury, feminism was in full swing and femininity (the one thing I had going for me) had become demonized! I felt so low that I contemplated suicide many times.

After My Transformation 

Without the help of mentors, it took me many years to learn my colors and develop my own signature style. However, with determined focus, I sought out experts on color analysis and image consulting in order to learn the craft. Over several years, I slowly transformed myself inside and out. On one trip back home to visit my family, a longtime friend of my mom's looked at me and said to my mom... "Wow, she's like the ugly duckling that turned into the beautiful swan!"
Today, I am no longer a Plain Jane or a wall flower! I feel pretty and make friends easily. People approach me. They tell me how attractive I am and I am no longer shy!
I'm telling you my story because I'd love to help you to overcome similar obstacles and challenges. My gift is enhancing a woman's beauty and femininity, not just on the outside, but the inside as well.  Come and work with me and I will give you 100% of what I have to offer. Liberating your inner and outer beauty and femininity is my gift and my passion. Let's get started!

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My New Book

“Simply Feminine is a cutting-edge exploration into how women can rediscover their femininity from the viewpoint of men who behold and adore them.”

- John Gray (#1 New York Times bestselling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus)

I am also the #1 Bestselling author of Simply Feminine: Surprising Insights from Men, as endorsed by John Gray of Men are From Mars and other very well known authors. 

My passion is creating beautiful “makeovers” for women, What has allowed me to become a master of the art of feminine image are decades of research, vast experience as a personal image/style consultant, a color specialist, a licensed cosmetologist and a makeup artist, along with what I have learned from thousands of conversations with men.

30 Day Gold Makeover Program

1 1/2 hour initial makeover session with author Morgan Wonderly over FaceTime or Zoom, covering...
*Color analysis,
*Closet analysis
*Wardrobe suggestions
*Makeup tips,
*Hairstyle suggestions
*Clothing styles that are congruent with your goals
*And 30 days of unlimited email coaching."
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